Life Lessons: Gary Kelly


  1. No person can overcome a lousy team.
  2. Great leaders do their best work in the worst times.
  3. Have fun.

Gary Kelly, Chairman, president, and chief executive officer, Southwest Airlines

Credit: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Photo Credit: AP

Life Lessons: Freda Lewis-Hall


  1. People do not change when they see the light. They change when they feel the heat.
  2. Don’t ask, ‘What should I do next?’ Ask, ‘What do I want to do last?’
  3. If something seems out of reach, move closer.

Freda Lewis-Hall, Chief medical officer and executive vice president, Pfizer

Credit: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Photo Credit: LifeScienceLeader

Life Lessons: Jose Garces


  1. You learn by doing and tasting.
  2. E-mails, texts, and social media can be overwhelming. Be present, and enjoy the moment.
  3. Take the time to figure out what you’re passionate about. When you do, drive at it.

Jose Garces, Chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author

Credit: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Photo Credit: PhilleyMag

Life Lessons: Alexis Ohanian


  1. Learn to code, even if you’re not techy. It can go a long way in making repetitive tasks easier.
  2. Make something people want.
  3. Lives Remaining: 0. It’s an old video game screen.

Alexis Ohanian, Co-founder and chief executive chair, Reddit

Credit: Bloomberg Businessweek Photo Credit: FastCompany

Life Lessons: Alan Rabinowitz

Alan Rabinowitz

  1. Failure is not an option. You have to truly believe that.
  2. Always ask big. If they say yes, you didn’t ask for enough.
  3. You control the confrontation by being the strongest, intellectually or physically.

Alan Rabinowitz, Co-founder and chief executive officer, Panthera

Credit: Bloomberg Businessweek Photo Credit: lohud