Life Lessons: Kevin Roberts


  1. When given a command, take charge and do what’s right. General Norman Schwarzkopf told me that.
  2. Fail fast, learn fast, think fast. Velocity gives great competitive advantage.
  3. Start with the solution and work backward. You cannot incrementalize your way to salvation.

Kevin Roberts, Executive chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi

Credit: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Photo Credit: Design&Emotion

Life Lessons: Russell Simmons

  1. It’s fun if you say it is.
  2. You can’t fail till you quit.
  3. Block out 20 minutes every morning for meditation.

Russell Simmons, Producer and entrepreneur

Credit: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Photo Credit: RollingOut

Life Lessons: Scott Heiferman


  1. Find your conspirators, the folks who share a passion with you.
  2. The biggest problem is that the smartest people aren’t working on the biggest problems. Don’t sell sugar water.
  3. It’s easy to go through life thinking you’re winning the game, but ask yourself, What game are you winning?

Scott Heiferman, Co-founder and chief executive officer, Meetup

Credit: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Photo Credit: CorridorBusiness

Life Lessons: Gary Kelly


  1. No person can overcome a lousy team.
  2. Great leaders do their best work in the worst times.
  3. Have fun.

Gary Kelly, Chairman, president, and chief executive officer, Southwest Airlines

Credit: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Photo Credit: AP

Life Lessons: Freda Lewis-Hall


  1. People do not change when they see the light. They change when they feel the heat.
  2. Don’t ask, ‘What should I do next?’ Ask, ‘What do I want to do last?’
  3. If something seems out of reach, move closer.

Freda Lewis-Hall, Chief medical officer and executive vice president, Pfizer

Credit: Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Photo Credit: LifeScienceLeader